48% Cabernet Sauvignon 35% Malbec 13% Carmenere 4% Syrah

Año   2010
Valle   Maule
Análisis físico químico  
Grado Alcóholico   14.0º
PH   3,63
Acidez Total   5,42 g/l
Azúcar residual   2,87 g /l


The wine was drained by gravity in oak barrels, and aged fot two years and a half.

The barrels were 225 liters classics ones, with a mix of Franch and american new oak (70%-30%). The origin of the wood and the brand of the barrels were specially selected according to each wine lot, in order to respect the aromatic harmonies and the polyphenolic complementarity.

Notes of the enologist:

Cayao has elements rarely found in a bottle and which only great wines contain Concentration and excellence strength and style.

We searched and found special vineyards, in privileged areas of Chile, those gifted with subtle and unequalable conditions for the growth and ripeness of the different varieties. We carefully watched the plants and sensitively tasted the berries so we could understand their characteristics and discover their potentials. We strictly controlled the vineyards to protect and express their natural qualities. Winemaking has been delicate and selective; aging has been careful. One bottle of Cayao contains what only great wines can offer: Concentration, excellence, strength, elegance.
This is Cayao, a wine of an amazing quality emerged from our passion.